His music … makes you feel like ‘dancing on water’: wonderful!

Edgar Knecht danst op diep water

The German pianist Edgar Knecht has a remarkable way of playing. His fresh theme’s are inspired by (German) folky tunes, which he plays very direct and sensitive. The melodys sounds familiaire and obvious added with surprising harmonies in which he puts a lot of classical influences. His sober melodic theme’s are in sharp contrast with the improvisations which are provocative, inventive and complemantairy. Bass, drums (wonderfull solo in ‘Gedankenfreiheit’) and percussion: they mix perfect with the piano acrobatics of Knecht (like in Frühling) and finally supplement the musical puzzle. His music is rhythmic and modest (sometimes per beat or part) which innovates the story of his playing and makes you feel like ‘dancing on water’: wonderful!

Mattie Poels (musicframes.nl)

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